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Volvo Tries out Roam Delivery Service

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Volvo Tries out Roam Delivery Service

Volvo Roam Service

Volvo Roam Service

Volvo is looking to revolutionize the way you use your car, making it more than just a means of transportation but also a place to receive deliveries of food or parcels. The Swedish automaker calls the new technology “roam delivery” since it allows for the delivery to be taken to the car’s location, instead of one’s home. The new service is being showed off at the Mobile World Congress, showing the world the possibilities of receiving car deliveries.

Delivery service employees are able to gain access to the interior of the vehicle through Volvo’s digital keys technology. The car owner receives a push notification that the delivery service needs to access the car, and the owner sets up a temporary digital key for that express purpose. The owner can then remotely track when the car is unlocked and locked again. The entire solution is built on the Volvo On Call telematics app, which allows vehicle owners to turn on various features like the seat heaters or the air conditioner.

To test out the roam delivery service technology, Volvo recruited 100 different Volvo owners. When polled at the end of the trial time, 86 percent of those people said that the service was a personal time saver. Volvo says the digital keys not only save consumers’ time, they also reduce the environmental impact of deliveries that must be driven to homes multiple times before someone can sign for them, plus they save money spent on shipping costs.

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