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Ford Reportedly Building Charging Network

(Credit: Ford)

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Ford Reportedly Building Charging Network

Enthusiast forum Mach-E Club saw a recent post from a user who claims to have inside information on a vehicle charging network Ford is quietly building. This, of course, is supposedly happening in preparation for the market launch of the Mustang Mach-E.

Wait, it gets more interesting since this individual claims the name of this charging network will be “Fastor Charge.” We really hope that’s not true, but the accompanying image in the post shows a logo that looks a little too refined to be something drummed up by a bored kid sitting in his basement.

Tesla has the Supercharger network, a major selling point for its electric vehicles. After all, if you’re far from home and need to plug in, you can go to one of those and (depending on the Tesla you own) top off the battery for free. Plus, the stations are optimized for rapid charging, instead of other charging options that can run the range for wait times.

If this post is indeed a true leak from Ford you know the company will be laughed at for using a name like Fastor Charge. It was bad enough slapping a pony badge on a crossover, but now this?

We’ll know soon enough if this is truth or some pretty awful fiction. The Ford Mustang Mach-E launches sometime in early 2021.

Check out the forum post here.

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