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The Tesla Model S P100D Is A Ten Second Car

(Credit: YouTube)

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The Tesla Model S P100D Is A Ten Second Car

By now, most people know that the Tesla Model S can be a quick car. After all, a P85D with Ludicrous mode destroyed a Dodge Challenger Hellcat famously. Since then we’ve seen the P90D and now the P100D with Ludicrous+ mode tear it up at the drag strip.

DragTimes documented in the YouTube video above how a P100D with Ludicrous+ set a new four-door production car record by running the quarter mile in 10.723. Yes, the Model S can be a ten second car, just like Vin Diesel went on and on about in The Fast and the Furious.

The previous record of 10.726 seconds was held by another Model S P100D. Drag Times thinks the 0.003 of a second difference was from the quicker car not having a full glass roof, third row and other options that total up to around 300 pounds.

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