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The Aspark Owl Is the Real Deal

(Credit: Aspark )

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The Aspark Owl Is the Real Deal

We saw the Aspark Owl, Japan’s new electric hypercar, in Tokyo not long ago. Back then, it was a pretty amazing machine from a small engineering firm, making the vehicle a thing of curiosity. Now that it’s done 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds, we know this is the real deal.

Aspark did admit it used racing tires for the acceleration test, so some people will say that’s cheating. Maybe it is, but the 1.9 seconds the Owl took to hit 60 mph is still impressive. Tesla claims the new Roadster will match this acceleration, and with software improvements will beat it, but there’s no benchmark test to prove that, yet.

Just consider for a moment that a company which has never before made a single vehicle was able to pull this off. It’s impressive and shows that traditional automakers should be able to figure out some impressive EV tech, if they put the right resources into a solution. That’s coming, I’m sure of it. In the meantime, enjoy the insanity of this video, and the fact it takes place behind an industrial facility, complete with stacks of wood crates in the background. Nice.

The Owl will be expensive, with a price tag of about $4.4 million. Production will be capped at 50 units.

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