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Jeep Teaches Double-Parked BMW A Lesson

(Credit: YouTube)

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Jeep Teaches Double-Parked BMW A Lesson

Jeep and double-parked BMW

Jeep and double-parked BMW (Credit: YouTube)

Nobody likes hunting for a spot in a packed parking lot, only to find that some guy in a Bimmer has double parked. It’s generally considered the height of being a douche, but some have been brave enough to teach these selfish German car lovers a lesson.

That’s exactly what we have in the video below. Well-known YouTuber Jeep Noob just happened to be filming while going to get some tacos in his Wrangler, because that’s the best use of such a rig, when he came across the double-parked BMW. The Jeeper wedged his vehicle between the sedan and a portable storage unit.

Jeep Noob then has to climb out his roof, all the time exclaiming that he doesn’t understand why people with nice cars are so concerned about their doors getting dinged.

The best part of all this is the situation’s obviously staged. If you read Jeep Noob’s channel description, he’s all about playing up Jeep stereotypes and making comedic videos. Plenty of people don’t get that, and they’ve left all kinds of irate comments about what a douche the Jeep driver is being. The video’s fun to watch, if you keep in mind it’s all done in the name of comedy.

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