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Jeep Finally Pinpoints Cause of Death Wobble

(Credit: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles )

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Jeep Finally Pinpoints Cause of Death Wobble

It’s amazing what the threat of a major lawsuit can do. Fiat Chrysler recently revealed that it has finally engineered a fix for the infamous “Death Wobble” that has allegedly plagued owners. While FCA has claimed the issue doesn’t affect vehicle safety, most people who’ve experienced it disagree, hence the class action lawsuit.

Anyway, the fix is shockingly simple, which leaves all kinds of questions. FCA says it will install new steering dampers of stabilizers in Jeep Wranglers that need it. Owners will receive announcements in the mail starting this Friday, so make sure FCA has your current address if you believe your Wrangler could be involved.

Not everyone is excited about the proposed fix. The class action lawsuit filing even names the steering damper fix, saying it’s a “Band-Aid” that doesn’t actually solve anything. It goes on to claim the problem “can only be remedied by substantial revisions and repair to the suspension. Still, FCA is asking the court to dismiss the federal class action lawsuit in light of this proposed fix.

What FCA may not be calculating is that this news could scare off potential Jeep Wrangler shoppers and anger current owners. With Ford getting ready to launch the Bronco, the Wrangler might not enjoy the same kind of unchallenged dominance it’s enjoyed for some time.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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