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Honda is Set to Display an Open-Wheel Concept in Frankfurt

(Credit: © Honda)

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Honda is Set to Display an Open-Wheel Concept in Frankfurt

Honda Project 2 & 4 Concept Teaser

Honda Project 2 & 4 Concept Teaser (Credit: © Honda)

Honda will be quite busy at the Frankfurt Auto Show this year, as it will show off the HR-V, Jazz, CR-V diesel, and Civic Type-R, but it will have another model at the show that will likely draw tons of attention. I am talking about the new Project 2 & 4 concept, which will be an open-wheel track rig – a la the Caterham Seven and KTM X-Bow – with a special twist.

This tiny open-wheel car, which Honda is previewing with the above image, will feature a touch of motorcycle, as it will feature the same engine as Honda’s RC213V MotoGP bike. You read that right, Honda will fit this lightweight racer with its V-4 motorcycle engine.

The exact specifications of this 1,000 cc V-4 engine remain unknown for now, but in its two-wheel format, this engine puts out a maximum of 230 horsepower in full-race spec. It its street tune, this engine puts out 212 horsepower, which is still mighty impressive.

While that may not seem like much power on the surface, we need to take into consideration that the Project 2 & 4 is likely very light. With a low enough curb weight, this engine could put its power-to-weight ratio in line with other lightweight track cars.

One issue with using this high-strung V-4 engine is that while its horsepower may be pretty high, its torque doesn’t exceed 90 pound-feet. This could prove a fatal blow to Honda’s concept, as high torque has a huge impact on how fun these track cars are to drive. So, unless Honda fixes this issue, this may be nothing more than a cool Frankencar that gets a lot of oohs and ahhs, but never amounts to anything more.

Lucky for us, the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show kicks off on September 15th, so we won’t have to wait too long to learn all about this concept.

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