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GM Trademarks the “Velite” Name, Meaning a Buick Convertible is Near

(Credit: © General Motors)

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GM Trademarks the “Velite” Name, Meaning a Buick Convertible is Near

Buick Velite Concept

Buick Velite Concept (Credit: © General Motors)

There have been plenty of rumors that General Motors will once again add a convertible model to the Buick lineup, and today those rumors start becoming more likely. According to GM Authority, The General has filed to trademark the “Velite” name. For those who do not know, the Velite name was used way back in 2004 as a Buick convertible and coupe concept.

The most recent filing took place on November 19, 2014, but GM originally filed for to trademark the Velite name back in 2011. Until now, GM has yet to file a Statement of Use document, which lets the patent and trademark office know that the manufacturer intends to use this name on a product, but it has received five extensions, with each extension being good for six months.

Buick Velite Concept

Buick Velite Concept (Credit: © General Motors)

This all comes just weeks after a report that GM would soon import the Opel Cascada, and slap the Buick waterfall grille and trishield badge on it. With this trademark application, this is looking more and more like a possibility. It is very unlikely that GM would allow Buick to build its own drop-top from the ground up, as the recovering sub-luxury brand simply doesn’t have the resources to design and build its own vehicle from a clean sheet.

There are no indications as to when we’ll see the Velite in production form, but it seems as if all of the pieces are falling nicely into place. Chances are that we’ll see it sometime in late 2015 or maybe early 2016, but it will likely be nowhere as cool as the 400-horsepower concept that we saw back in 2004.

We’ll bring you updates as the news rolls out.

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