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Genesis Essentia Concept Blows Everyone Away

(Credit: Genesis )

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Genesis Essentia Concept Blows Everyone Away

Perhaps the best-looking car at the New York International Auto Show is the Genesis Essentia Concept. It doesn’t even hint at an angry face, but instead has a smooth, flowing, sophisticated design – exactly what you’d expect from a true luxury brand. If this is what we can expect from the future of Genesis, expect great things.

Not only is the Essentia a preview of what kind of designs we can expect, it’s the first battery-electric vehicle from Genesis. It has a carbon-fiber monocoque, plus a custom-tailored interior. In other words, it seems to be the full package deal.

This concept has a see-through hood, exposing the pushrod suspension. It has air intakes, outlets, and even a front emblem all design to optimized aerodynamics. The wheels and body trim wear Midas metal copper highlights.

As you’d expect from a concept like this, the Essentia piles on the tech. One of the most impressive details is the navigation system. It uses machine learning, so instead of just providing the quickest route somewhere, it learns what you prefer and plots trips accordingly. Then, it customizes suspension damping, seat position, and even powertrain performance to your preferences for different stretches of road.

This car also helps manage your smart home. It turns on lights, changing HVAC settings, etc. as you near home. It can also let the UPS guy in to deliver a package, if that’s your thing. The Essentia will even electronically pay bills, acting like your secretary. Sounds interesting.

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