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Genesis Will Open the SUV Floodgates

(Credit: Genesis )

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Genesis Will Open the SUV Floodgates

SUVs rule the market these days, so it’s been surprising that until recently the Genesis brand hasn’t had a single one in its model lineup. But don’t think for a second the Koreans are stopping with just the GV80, because Genesis is readying an SUV onslaught to take the market by storm.

Of course, everything hinges on how people react to the Genesis GV80. If it’s a big hit, we can expect the arrival of a GV90 in not too long. The mid-size GV80 is already getting heaped with praise ahead of its launch, but that doesn’t necessarily mean car shoppers will snatch it up. If they do, Genesis will likely charge into the highly profitable and fiercely competitive full-size luxury SUV niche.

We can most definitely expect the compact Genesis GV70 in not too long. Such vehicles sell quite well and really aren’t a gamble, so Genesis would be stupid to not grab that low-hanging fruit. The company also is rumored to be working on another mid-size SUV, only one that’s fully-electric.

And just like that, Genesis could be offering more SUVs than sedans. That’s pretty shocking, considering the brand started with three sedans.

This should be concerning to certain luxury brands, as Genesis has proven with its sedans it can build high-quality, compelling vehicles. Considering Tesla and Volvo have both whittled away at market shares for quite a few, having another aggressive competitor in the mix could spell serious trouble.

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