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Chrysler Uses Bob Dylan to Introduce new 200

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Chrysler Uses Bob Dylan to Introduce new 200

Bob Dylan Chrysler Commercial

Bob Dylan Chrysler Commercial (Credit: Youtube)

Chrysler used its Super Bowl commercial slot to introduce the newly redesigned Chrysler 200 to consumers, with some help from legendary musician Bob Dylan. It marked the first time Dylan has been in a Super Bowl commercial. One of Dylan’s tracks, “Things Have Changed,” helped set the tone of the commercial, showing that Chrysler is serious about producing quality domestic vehicles it expects Americans to buy, period.

The commercial, called “America’s Import,” was entirely narrated by Bob Dylan. It was longer than most, lasting a full two minutes. Scenes of American landscapes, including heavy industrial areas in Detroit, were incorporated into the commercial, giving a viewers a slice of American life. Scenes of iconic areas in the country, including beaches and diners, were used. Other celebrities from the United States were featured in the commercial, such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Julius Erving.

Of course the new Chrysler 200 was highly featured in the commercial. Dylan drove the car in various locations around the Los Angeles metropolitan area, including near the Bradbury Building. As the commercial progresses, Dylan espouses the simple, can-do attitude that has made America great. He also speaks of how impactful the automobile has been on America, and how much America has affected the automobile industry worldwide.

The “America’s Import” commercial was a result of work done by Global Hue’s Detroit and New York offices. A marketing campaign that ties into the commercial has also been launched. The commercial is available to watch on Chrysler’s YouTube station, plus anyone on Twitter or Instagram can learn more or join in the conversation by using the #AmericasImport hashtag.

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