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BMW Releases a Wave of i8 Commercials

(Credit: Youtube)

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BMW Releases a Wave of i8 Commercials

BMW i8 Genesis Commercial

BMW i8 Genesis Commercial (Credit: Youtube)

The BMW i8 is being unleashed on the public, promising to give everyone a new vision of what a hybrid car can and should be, or at least that’s what BMW wants to convey. To get that message out, the crew from Bavaria has put together a few commercials for the United States market that promotes a vision of technological innovation and athletic ability.

The first commercial, called “Genesis,” stars Michael Pitt, an American actor, who narrates the story of the development of the i8. It starts off as “a crazy idea.” That idea goes through an emerging process of trial and error, trial and error. As Pitt talks, viewers are treated to some wonderful eye candy as the i8 drives through urban and remote landscapes, its engine growling softly and hissing in a captivating and unique way. While not as effective as the Maserati Ghibli commercial from the Super Bowl, it does paly off viewers’ emotions, encouraging them to cheer for the innovations the car introduces, even if the average person couldn’t tell you what those innovations are (other than that the i8 looks pretty cool).

The second commercial, called “Attitude,” is narrated by British actress Mickey Sumner. She tells a tales of a car that seems like it should belong in a fantasy story, but that is reality. Throughout the narrative, Sumney conveys an attitude of confidence and optimism, reflecting BMW’s attitude about the abilities of its plug-in hybrid versus others on the market today. At the end of the commercial, the i8 “spreads its wings” by opening its doors.

The third and final commercial is called “Powerful Idea,” and, it is narrated by another British actor, Sam Hazeldine. His narrative highlights the power of a revolutionary idea, such as the i8’s carbon fiber body and ability to run off of electricity.

Will the new commercials help sell the public on the BMW i8? Considering the car’s starting price of $135,700, the automaker only needs to appeal to the well-heeled and not the masses.

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