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You Have To See This Genius Convertible Ford F-150

(Credit: NCE)

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You Have To See This Genius Convertible Ford F-150

Having a pickup truck can be great, except for all the people who want you to help them move. You can haul stuff from Home Depot without much problem, throw completely gross stuff in the bed and spray it out, drop loads of landscaping pavers into the bed using heavy machinery – whatever.

The thing that sucks is watching the guy with a Wrangler drive by on a warm summer’s day, the top off and the wind whistling through his hair. Sure, you can roll down the windows, but c’mon, it’s just not the same.

In comes NCE or Newport Convertible Engineering, out of Huntington Beach. On their website, these guys claim to be the “original designer” of the Camaro convertible. Whatever. All I know is the convertible Ford F-150 they made, which you can see in action below, is awesome.

We all need convertible pickups like yesterday. So Ford executives who’re reading this instead of working, make this happen.

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