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Watch a Kia Blow Away a Mustang GT

(Credit: Kia)

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Watch a Kia Blow Away a Mustang GT

Ford fans aren’t going to like the video above, which shows a Kia Stinger GT beating a Ford Mustang GT in the quarter mile. I can already hear the excuses and justifications flying around.

Let’s just face the fact: the Stinger GT is a great car. Nobody expected Kia to build it, and that makes the thing even more awesome. It’s bruising egos and turning heads everywhere.

Motoring Australia decided to pit a Ford Mustang GT against the Kia Stinger GT to see which gives the best acceleration for the buck. Watch the video to see it all play out for yourself, but the Kia did the quarter mile in 12.83 seconds, versus 13.32 seconds for the Mustang GT. That’s about a half a second difference, which is significant.

The Stinger GT is no lightweight, packing 365 horsepower, but it doesn’t equal the 435 horsepower from the Ford’s Coyote V-8. So, the underdog came in and made a big statement. Good for Kia.

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