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Video: Toyota Releases Another Pro-Hydrogen Video

(Credit: Toyota )

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Video: Toyota Releases Another Pro-Hydrogen Video

2016 Toyota Mirai

2016 Toyota Mirai (Credit: Toyota )

Toyota is continuing its campaign to raise public awareness about hydrogen fuel, a topic that most consumers likely have little to no knowledge about. The new video, called “Fueled by Oil Creek,” was directed by Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin. It takes place in location where the American oil boom began long ago.

Remember that the first “Fueled by Everything” video Toyota produced showed how cow manure can be converted into hydrogen that can then power the all-new Mirai. Toyota is well aware of the fact that it’s made some enemies by not jumping onto the electric vehicle bandwagon, especially considering that it singlehandedly started the hybrid powertrain revolution with the Prius.

Some EV fans seem to miss the point of what Toyota is doing with these videos and other marketing efforts surrounding the Mirai. Whether the technology is superior or not isn’t the main push. Instead, it’s all about positioning Toyota as a company of believers and the electric car camp as naysayers who are limiting the potential of future energy breakthroughs.

Is the strategy working? So far, it doesn’t appear to be entirely clear. Slick videos like the one below are at least a good start, but what will be even more convincing is when people can get behind the wheel of a vehicle such as the Mirai and experience fuel cell powertrains firsthand. People don’t want to watch a video that shows how the water goes through electrolysis to separate out the hydrogen. Instead, they want to hear about how Toyota is moving society forward by pioneering a bold new technology that means cars only put out water vapor. That’s a great marketing message.

Using the setting of Titusville, Pennsylvania is a brilliant move on Toyota’s part. It demonstrates how hydrogen can take us into the future without dishonoring the past, even though today we more fully understand the negative ramifications of burning fossil fuels.

Look for more “Fueled by Everything” videos and a continual marketing push for the Mirai in the coming months.

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