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The Infiniti QX Sport Peeks from the Shadows Ahead of its Beijing Debut

(Credit: © Infiniti)

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The Infiniti QX Sport Peeks from the Shadows Ahead of its Beijing Debut

Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Teaser

Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Teaser (Credit: © Infiniti)

Infiniti has long offered some of the sportiest crossovers in the luxury segment, and it looks to push its design a little further at the Beijing Motor Show. It’s here that Infiniti plans to unveil its new QX Sport Inspiration concept, which serves as a vision of the brand’s next-gen, midsize crossover. Ahead of its official launch, Infiniti has revealed a teaser image showing off a portion of its front end.

Infiniti didn’t give away too much information about this new concept, but it did throw out a few minor bits of info. According to the Japanese luxury automaker, the QX Sport Inspiration will feature the muscular design language of the 60 Concept, floating A-pillars, and large wheel arches.

In the teaser image, we can make out few details as well. Up front, the new concept boasts Infiniti’s standard bulging grille, advanced LED headlights, vertical air inlets on the outer edges of the bumper, and very clean, yet sporty, lines.

So, what does this concept actually preview? Chances are, we are looking at the preview to the next-gen QX50, which is sorely in need of a new look. Once the QX50’s design is in place, this language will work its way up the ladder of crossovers, including the QX60 and QX70. The QX80 SUV, however, stands on its own and will likely not receive this treatment.

Press days for the Beijing show kick off on April 25th, so we don’t have too long to wait until Infiniti pulls the veil from this concept. Stay tuned for more info.

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