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Subaru Legacies and Outbacks Recalled for Bad Welds

(Credit: Subaru )

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Subaru Legacies and Outbacks Recalled for Bad Welds

If you or someone you know drives a Subaru Outback or Legacy, a critical fault could lead to a weak body structure. That potentially puts everyone in the car in danger in a collision, so this isn’t something to ignore.

More than 2,000 cars have been recalled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They’re all 2019 Subaru Legacy and Outback models.

The problem arose after a robotic welder in the factory wasn’t cleaned properly. That means the very structure of the vehicles has been compromised. Rather than having a local dealer perform a fix, these vehicles must be sent back to the factory. Subaru is offering a whole new car for people affected by this recall. The other options are having Subaru buy it back or just getting the vehicle back after it’s been fixed by the factory.

The good news is Consumer Reports says Subaru suspects the vast majority of these recalled cars have never left the dealer lot. The bad news is some dealers aren’t so good at following up on these issues. This is why signing up for safety alerts through NHTSA’s website using your car’s VIN is a good idea, even when it’s brand new.

Source: Consumer Reports

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