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Ford Issues Another Huge Recall

(Credit: Ford )

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Ford Issues Another Huge Recall

Your Ford or Lincoln vehicle could leave you with whiplash, all without you being in a crash. A problem has triggered Ford to recall about 1.5 million cars, trucks, and SUVs in three related recalls. This means you need to help spread the word, because this is a serious issue.

According to Ford, certain F-150 trucks can suddenly shift into first gear, apparently at any speed. As you can imagine, that causes deceleration in a hurry, which is where the possible whiplash comes in. The potential for an accident after the sudden downshift is also pretty high. Five accidents already have been blamed on the problem.

The recall covers only some 2011 to 2013 Ford F-150s that use the six-speed automatic transmission. Also being recalled are 2017 to 2019 Lincoln Continentals, plus some 2019 Lincoln Nautilus, Lincoln Navigator, and Ford Mustang models.

This transmission problem accounts for about 1.48 million of the recalled vehicles. A second recall is for possible silicon contamination in door latches for the Lincoln Continental. That means that door won’t latch completely, so it could fly open as you’re driving. It would be a good way to ruin anyone’s day.

For the third recall, the instrument cluster doesn’t register anything while the video starts up after you fire up the engine. This is for 4,200 Mustang, Nautilus, and Navigator models.

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