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Smart Gets Weird With Forease Concept

(Credit: Daimler )

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Smart Gets Weird With Forease Concept

How does a quirky car brand celebrate 20 years of eliminating crumple zones? By creating a concept car with no crumple zones, windows, or top of any kind!

Smart rolled into Paris with a new concept called the Forease. It’s all-electric, because Smart has found that’s a good niche to settle into. Fittingly, the concept has green trim on the exterior and interior, just in case you didn’t catch the EV credentials. Anyone can immediately identify it as a Smart, thanks to the distinct styling, including freakish dimensions and snub nose.

Not having a roof or side windows is apparently Smart’s idea of purity in vehicle design. The rest of the car doesn’t have the glut of flourishes that have become all too common on modern cars. The door handles are recessed to help with aerodynamics, although the open roof might negate any benefit there.

While not everyone will love the Forease, dedicated Smart fans no doubt will. Exactly what impact it will have on future cars remains to be seen, but the lack of side windows probably won’t be it.

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