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Rumors of a Telluride Pickup Sound Intriguing

(Credit: Kia )

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Rumors of a Telluride Pickup Sound Intriguing

In case you still don’t know, the Kia Telluride has been a smashing success. The three-row SUV picked up tons of sales and rave reviews from all kinds of publications, and it’s done so by breaking away from brand conventions. Now it looks like it might help expand the Kia portfolio to include a pickup truck.

Considering the Telluride is a real body-on-frame SUV and not one of these unibody crossovers, this rumor that is floating around is at least believable. Yes, it’s a rumor, so the Telluride pickup might not actually happen. But why else would Kia go to the trouble of creating a completely new chassis?

Midsize pickups are lucrative propositions for automakers, if they can get the formula right. Kia would probably leapfrog right over a few of the many trucks in that crowded market segment, carving a nice little niche out for itself.

In true Kia fashion, the brand would probably undercut everyone on price. With how expensive trucks have been these days, that should be music to shoppers’ ears. Still, they’d have to warm to the idea of buying a Kia, something three-row SUV shoppers seemed to get over quickly.

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