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Next-Gen Ford F-150 Arriving This Year

(Credit: Ford )

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Next-Gen Ford F-150 Arriving This Year

With vehicle reveals and launches being canceled or pushed back grand right and left, it’s natural to wonder if Ford is still planning on giving us the next-generation F-150 in 2020 or not. The answer is we will indeed have the truck on lots this year, according to a recent MotorTrend report.

This news came through an investors call about first-quarter earnings, which of course weren’t exactly great. Second-quarter earnings for Ford don’t look to be stellar either. That’s why bringing up the launch of the new F-150 is a way to keep investors happy. F-150s sell a lot and a new generation always gets shoppers excited.

Other news outlets have reported that the next-gen Ford F-150 launch has been delayed. That apparently was incorrect. We received this current generation starting with the 2015 model year. While that’s not too long, the full-size truck market is ultra-competitive, so Ford must move forward or risk losing ground.

We know a few things about the upcoming F-150. There will be a hybrid model, a first for the popular pickup. An all-electric version will be launching a little later, but we already saw one flex its muscles in a controversial test of towing strength.

Expect even more advanced technologies to be rolled into the new Ford F-150, possibly including some semi-autonomous drive capabilities.

Production of the new F-150 is reportedly starting in August, although some sources say that’s been pushed back. An official reveal hasn’t been announced yet.

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