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Mitsubishi Hypermiling Contest Winner Nets 74.1 MPG

(Credit: © Mitsubishi)

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Mitsubishi Hypermiling Contest Winner Nets 74.1 MPG

Mitsubishi Extreme Hypermiling Challege

Mitsubishi Extreme Hypermiling Challege (Credit: © Mitsubishi)

Mitsubishi recently showcased just how insanely efficient the 2014 Mirage hatchback is by holding an Extreme MPG Hypermiling Challenge. Three seasoned automotive journalists were selected to compete in the event: Aaron Gold of, Mike Austin from Popular Mechanics, and Joni Gray of Autobytel. In the end, Gold won the competition by coaxing 74.1 mpg out of his Mitsubishi Mirage, besting the other two competitors who both attained 68.5 mpg.

For the event, all three journalists drove from Las Vegas, Nevada to the Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. headquarters located in Cypress, California. The competitors had to keep their cars in largely production form, only being able to perform slight modifications to increase the car’s fuel economy. All three journalists opted to tape over the body panel gaps between the front fenders and the hood, cutting down on aerodynamic drag. Each participant also taped over different areas of the front fascia, although what parts they covered and to what degree varied.

“I never figured I’d come in over 70 MPG!” said Gold. “All three of us kept our speeds down; I think keeping my eyes way down the road, planning ahead and avoiding sudden changes of speed was what gave me the edge. Truth be told, the car made it pretty easy.”

If you want to see the action from the competition and pick up some hypermiling techniques, you are in luck. Cars.TV was at the event to film for a future television program, which will air at an unannounced time in the near future.

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