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Man Abuses Alfa Romeo 4C In The Name of Music

(Credit: Alfa Romeo)

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Man Abuses Alfa Romeo 4C In The Name of Music

Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C (Credit: Alfa Romeo)

Some consider the Alfa Romeo 4C to be a thing of beauty, a mini-supercar that somewhat affordable and fun to drive. Then you have this guy in the Netherlands who thinks the carbon fiber body makes a good drum set.

The video below might be painful for some viewers to watch, so please use discretion. You’ll see a guy with glasses and a receding hairline smacking the roof of his 4C, while people take pictures and wonder what’s wrong with him.

There are other ways to make music with an Alfa Romeo, like revving the engine, squealing the tires, pushing to the red line. Instead, this guy brags about how many distinct acoustic sounds he can produce by smacking it.

For his follow-up performance, he might stomp on a Lambo or shatter the glass on a Ferrari while doing an interpretive dance.

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