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GM Wants You to Ignore Truck MPG Ratings

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Fuel Efficiency

GM Wants You to Ignore Truck MPG Ratings

There’s been plenty of controversy over the new turbocharged four-cylinder engine for the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, and it’s far from over. In the latest installment of drama, GM is doing a fancy dance to mesmerize you into buying a truck, which really is no surprise.

What it comes down to is GM wants to argue about how the EPA calculates fuel economy ratings. Honestly, the methodology is flawed and everyone knows it, but we keep using the system like how we cling to standard measurements instead of switching over to metric.

Now that the tradition doesn’t work so well for GM, the automaker is throwing a fit and pointing out the flaws. Obviously, GM dropped a ton of cash on this new turbo four-banger for full-size trucks and everyone is questioning the move. Rather than eat crow, it’s far easier to point out others’ flaws.

To be honest, it’s not like Ford’s use of EcoBoost engines for the F-150 lineup or the eTorque mild hybrid setup for the Ram 1500 are making a huge difference in fuel consumption. They’ve shaved 4 mpg and 2 mpg for the combined EPA ratings, respectively. The big difference is the Ford and Ram offerings actually get good fuel economy on the freeway.

The real question is just how much do truck shoppers actually care? Or are they more interested in a setup that would allow them to tow a space shuttle if the need ever arose?

Source: Automotive News

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