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Automakers Get Creative to Restart Factories

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Automakers Get Creative to Restart Factories

As many have observed, the U.S. economy can’t sit idle forever, coronavirus or no. Automakers are chomping at the bit to fire up vehicle production again, not only here but across the world, and they’re getting creative to convince government officials to let it happen.

A recent report from Automotive News points out automakers are appeasing officials by instituting safety measures in their factories. This includes proper social distancing, the wearing of personal protection equipment, and screening employees for signs of illness.

Apparently, these measures have been lifted from Amazon, which of course has continued to run during the pandemic, because people need all kinds of essentials delivered to their house. Exactly how everything is being enforced depends on the automaker.

For example, Ferrari disclosed it will use voluntary blood tests to screen employees returning to work. GM thinks that’s unnecessary and instead will be relying on temperature screening and other methods to keep sick employees from entering a factory.

Another method is daily health questionnaires. Those work only if people are being honest, and hopefully they are. Punishing employees for staying home because they’re sick surely will encourage dishonesty.

Here in the United States there are still plenty of questions about when auto plants will reopen. The automakers aren’t saying, but let’s hope it’s sooner since all those line workers have bills to pay.

Source: Automotive News

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