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Ford Mustang Mach-E Will Make Exhaust Noises

(Credit: Ford)

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Ford Mustang Mach-E Will Make Exhaust Noises

Ford has already angered Mustang enthusiasts by slapping a pony badge on the all-electric crossover. Now fans are mocking the company for using fake exhaust noises in the EV to make owners feel more excited while driving.

Fake exhaust or engine noises piped into cabins is nothing new, sadly. With improved cabin insulation cars like the BMW M5 employ this trick to make you as the driver feel more “connected” with the vehicle as it accelerates. Is it silly? Some say yes, others no.

To create these fake exhaust noises, Ford put a team of sound engineers to work. Their task was to create a soundtrack that conveyed both powerful performance as well as futuristic finesse. It’s a weird combination and apparently in the most aggressive mode has a hint of a starship whine to it.

If you get a Mach-E and don’t like the noises, you can turn them off. But if you’re a fan you can listen to them constantly while driving your performance electric crossover. As electric cars become more popular these types of things will probably be more commonplace, but for now people are going to make fun and that’s that.

Source: Road & Track

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