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2020 Corvette Orders Have Closed

(Credit: Chevrolet )

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2020 Corvette Orders Have Closed

Excitement has been sky-high for the C8 Corvette and evidently that’s caused GM to close orders early for the mid-engine sports car 2020 model year. This comes via a leaked email posted on Corvette Forum, so nothing official has been announced yet, but apparently dealers are already aware.

This means if you go to a Chevrolet dealership and try to order a 2020 Corvette you’ll be told you can’t. In fact, some of the orders already submitted might have to be pushed to the 2021 model year, something that surely will anger customers.

Partly to blame for this situation, at least as cited in the leaked email, is the six-week work stoppage created by the UAW strikes. That left the Bowling Green, Ky., facility idling when it should have been wrapping up C7 production, pushing back the launch of C8 production.

Amazingly, it seems the allotment of 2020 Corvettes for North America were sold out before C8 production started. That number reportedly was 40,000 cars.

To help compensate for this disappointing development, GM will allow Chevrolet dealers to take 2021 Corvette orders 30 days earlier than originally planned. That means orders open on May 21. There’s little doubt people will be clamoring to get a spot, considering how hot the C8 is and all the praise it’s received from reviewers.

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