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Canoo Readying to Enter the Market

(Credit: Canoo)

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Canoo Readying to Enter the Market

As if there aren’t enough startup electric vehicle companies out there, another one is inching closer to deploying its first production model. Canoo has been talking up its cold-weather testing of its EV van that looks so much like a loaf of bread.

Running cars until they fail, called benchmarking, is a standard practice in the industry. But the fact Canoo has gotten that far means it can be taken more seriously than the many vaporware EV automakers out there.

Canoo (Credit: Canoo)

That weird shape is supposed to allow for five seats and plenty of cargo space. It’s all about efficiency. Other interesting details include using a mobile app to control the environmental settings and navigation.

One of the unique elements of Canoo is nobody will own one of these things. All vehicles will be available through a subscription service. Yes, in these days where everyone’s a germaphobe that could pose a serious problem Canoo is hopefully working through right now. Considering it’s supposed to be available through car dealer networks, car rental services, etc. that should help with the logistics.

Canoo (Credit: Canoo)

According to Canoo, its first self-titled vehicle will debut next year. While it’s probably not going to be the stylish car everyone will want to be seen in, it could possibly carve out a nice niche in the market. Time will certainly tell.

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