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S650 Mustang Details Keep Leaking

(Credit: Ford )

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S650 Mustang Details Keep Leaking

Anticipation for the next-generation Ford Mustang, called the S650, is understandably high. After all, the little pony is the king of American muscle cars and international sporty coupes when it comes to sales, so people love the thing. Fortunately, quite a few reports are floating around with leaked information. When that same information is repeated that much, it usually means there’s at least a good degree of truth to it.

One of the big items is that Ford will electrify the Mustang by offering a hybrid model. That’s not a shock and is something we’ve been expecting for a few years now. After all, hybrid performance cars have been pushing some big output numbers and showing they’re a blast to drive. The big question is whether it will be a plug-in or not.

The next big leak is that all-wheel drive will be added to the lineup. Yeah, some people will be crying foul, but for anyone who drives in the snow this is huge. Plus, it could translate into amazing handling capabilities on a dry road or track.

Longtime fans will be happy to hear both the V8 and manual transmissions are supposed to make the cut for the S650 Mustang. Chopping either one would likely lead to riots.

We’ll see the next generation of the Ford Mustang in 2022. The original launch was scheduled for 2021.

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