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Honda Will Make a Hybrid Ridgeline

(Credit: Honda )

Fuel Efficiency

Honda Will Make a Hybrid Ridgeline

With the second-generation Honda Ridgeline about to hit the mid-cycle refresh milestone, there’s good information the pickup will get more than just some cosmetic upgrades. A dealership in Louisiana posted on its website that a hybrid version of the Ridgeline is coming in 2020, but that was quickly taken down.

Dealership leaks happen fairly often, and this one could be completely legitimate. After all, a Honda Ridgeline Hybrid isn’t too difficult to imagine. Honda of Covington, La. — which spilled the beans — claimed the powertrain will be a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with two electric motors.

Honda has never tried to make the Ridgeline some performance monster. The unibody construction wouldn’t really help with towing or serious off-roading, so the next best thing to focus on is fuel economy. What better way to do that than shove a four-banger hybrid powertrain in the thing?

We don’t have specs, but the Ridgeline Hybrid probably gets segment-leading fuel efficiency ratings. That’s great if you don’t really use the bed of your truck for much of anything, since you’ll save a bunch on fuel. Just how much remains to be seen. We’re also left wondering how much this version of the truck will cost.

Of course, Honda won’t verify anything at the moment. With 2020 coming up fast, we should get a formal announcement soon.

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