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Genesis Downsizes with Mint Concept

(Credit: Genesis )

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Genesis Downsizes with Mint Concept

Genesis is playing around with the idea of a minimalist city car in the form of the Mint Concept. While it looks strikingly like a Tesla Model 3 up front, it’s all party in the back.

In all seriousness, this electric concept shows a different side of the Genesis brand, which so far consists of larger sedans. The car is scaled down and minimized in just about every way, although the rear scissor doors that provide access to the cargo area are pretty wild.

Genesis Mint Concept scissor doors (Credit: Genesis )

Emphasizing minimalist impressions is the matte Hunter Green paint. While the wheels add some flair, their design is both aerodynamic and promotes proper cooling. Since the wheels are pushed to the corners of the car, interior space is actually quite generous. There are two seats with plenty of legroom and headroom, plus a surprisingly ample cargo area in the rear.

Genesis Mint Concept interior (Credit: Genesis )

Luxuries like cognac leather and windows without mullions breaking up the view make the space feel far more premium. Overall, the interior is high-tech with seven screens for the driver and automatic swiveling seats, while feeling like a comfortable lounge.

This design practice, whether it results in an actual production model or not, shows that Genesis is a force to be reckoned with in the luxury space. Other brands would do well to notice.

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