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Chevrolet Moves to Block Clone Z/28 Cars

(Credit: © General Motors)

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Chevrolet Moves to Block Clone Z/28 Cars

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 (Credit: © General Motors)

Chevrolet is serious about protecting the integrity of the new Camaro Z/28, and it is showing just how serious by taking measures to block tuners who would produce clone versions of the car. The company has quite a bit of its reputation riding on the car, which is proving to be the fastest and most capable Camaro ever produced. Chevy even desecrated the sacred bowtie on the grille, hollowing it out to increase airflow all in the name of making the Z/28 the best car it can possibly be.

Many people desire to own the new car, but chances are they cannot. Only 500 units are being produced for 2014, and those come with a steep $75,000 price tag. For 2015, production is being capped off at 2,500 units. Because the car is inaccessible to so many salivating Chevy fans, it’s understandable that the risk of a deluge of clones overrunning the used car market is a very real risk. GM has used its clairvoyance to avoid the problem before it ever pops up, moving to block the sale of certain parts that would enable tuners to produce clones that could fool the general public.

Among the parts that will be under lockdown at Chevrolet dealerships will be the Z/28’s front emblem (which is lovingly called the flowtie by engineers), the unique 19-inch wheels, hood scoop, front fascia, brake kit (including the calipers and ceramic rotors), hood scoop, spoiler, Z/28 badges, front splitter, rocker panels, rear fascia, fender flares, and the Recaro racing seats that are exclusive to the Camaro Z/28.

General Motors has a history of restricting parts for low-volume models, which are done to keep the cars special. To obtain any of the restricted parts for the Z/28, a customer would have to present a valid VIN.

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