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BMW Vision iNext Features Crazy Tech

(Credit: BMW )

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BMW Vision iNext Features Crazy Tech

Vehicle technology is reaching all-new heights, bringing to life stuff that was science fiction not too long ago. BMW is showing it’s at the forefront of the movement with the Vision iNext concept. It looks crazy, but what’s inside will blow your mind even more.

Yes, the BMW Vision iNext is autonomous and fully electric. The cabin is large and doesn’t feature seatbelts, because in some fantasy world robot cars never crash. Where things get crazy is how the fabric on the seats can be caressed just so to play a song. Why you would even need or want that is really a mystery, but BMW did it.

That seat fabric trick is what the Bavarians want us to call “shy tech.” It’s hidden but accessible, and apparently quite pointless. There’s also the new BMW artificial intelligence loaded into the vehicle, so you can say “Hey, BMW” and then ask where the nearest Starbucks is located.

This concept also has a mini video project built in, called Intelligent Beam. Motion sensors allow you to do things like page through a book using the projector, so you’re not having to look at a little phone screen.

Do you really need all of this? Probably not, but BMW thinks you might want it.

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