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BMW is All Kinds Of Dramatic In M4 Video

(Credit: YouTube)

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BMW is All Kinds Of Dramatic In M4 Video

BMW M4 Factory Trailer

BMW M4 Factory Trailer (Credit: YouTube)

For its recent M4 factory trailer, BMW seems to have been somewhat inspired by The Fast and the Furious. Thankfully there’s no Vin Diesel in it, and the driver doesn’t upshift 15 times in a row, but there’s more fantasy than reality playing out on the screen.

Purists might object to this kind of a promotion. After all, this isn’t a real hot lap done by a BMW factory driver. Instead, the trailer has lots of crazy angles, quick cuts, much fog and sound effects galore. And it’s totally fun to watch.

Oh, and at one point the driver has to negotiate past sliding barriers, almost like he’s in a video game. Isn’t this everyone’s fantasy, minus the potential to die in a fiery wreck?

Watch the video and see if you have the sudden burning desire to buy an M4.

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