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Aston Martin Pushes Toward Mainstream

(Credit: Aston Martin )

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Aston Martin Pushes Toward Mainstream

By now, even the average Joe on the street knows the automotive industry is in flux. Giants like GM are reeling and struggling to combat threats from startups as well as automakers that previously occupied small niches. Aston Martin sees opportunity in the fray, plus the writing on the wall that it’s time to grow or risk losing it all.

The British automaker’s CEO told Reuters of a bold plan to double vehicle production by 2025. It’s a bold move, considering up to this point Aston Martins are a thing of rarity. Before you think this will ruin the prestigious brand, just consider how Lamborghini’s production surge has helped it gain more secure footing.

To support this production surge, Aston Martin will need to quadruple in size. According to CEO Andy Palmer, this growth will boost profits immensely. Until Palmer came on board, Aston Martin hadn’t made a pre-tax profit since 2010.

Lately, Aston Martin has been pushing into new areas, including creating an SUV and ramping up for electrification. At this point it’s do or die, and Aston Martin looks like it won’t go down without a fight.

Source: Reuters

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