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2019 Ford Ranger FX2: An Epic Waste of Good Off-Road Components

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2019 Ford Ranger FX2: An Epic Waste of Good Off-Road Components

All true car buffs love nothing more than to chuckle at folks who toss spoilers, big wheels, and fart pipes on their 125-horsepower econoboxes, but we equally enjoy poking fun at trucks that look tough but would get stuck in an inch of mud. Now Ford wants you to have the joy of being the butt of the joke right from the factory with the new Ranger FX2 Package.

The FX2 Package adds all the off-road looks without the most important component: four-wheel drive. The Ford Ranger FX2 is available only on two-wheel-drive versions of the midsize pickup, but it at least gets an electronic-locking rear differential. Other updates include a front skid plate, air-dam delete, an off-road-tuned suspension, and pitch, roll and yaw information on the off-road cluster screen.

Obviously, Ford markets this pickup at its “urban markets” cause you know those potholes can get quite treacherous downtown.

Though the Ranger’s FX2 Package is unlikely to help you off-road or win you any bragging rights with your friends, it delivers that rugged look you want for just $595 — about the same cost of a massive spoiler for your base Ford Fiesta and a rolled-up tube sock to cram in your pants. Win!

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