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Watch Ram’s Unique Patriotic Commercial

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Watch Ram’s Unique Patriotic Commercial

Ram has been known to make some patriotic statements in its commercials, along with other FCA brands. But this latest one is definitely unique. It’s set to “Thank God I’m a Country Boy,” a classic country tune, but with a unique twist thanks to The Tennessee Kids.

That’s just the beginning. Instead of just showing people out in the country working the fields, riding horses, and all the other traditional imagery, Ram mixes those sorts of scenes with scenes of people in dance clubs, on subways, and hanging out in urban streets.

Some people don’t like the commercial. In fact, it makes them furious. After all, they argue it doesn’t celebrate real America. That’s funny, because the last time I checked, America was a pretty diverse body of people. Sure, we have our differences, but we share a nation and a government, however flawed, that should bring us together.

So there you go, a powerful message from Ram. Oh, and FCA wants you to know it’s socially acceptable to drive a pickup through urban centers, in case you were wondering.

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