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Watch A Ferrari-Powered Toyota In Action

(Credit: YouTube)

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Watch A Ferrari-Powered Toyota In Action

GT4586 (Credit: YouTube)

Remember how everyone freaked when Ryan Tuerck said he was cramming a Ferrari engine in a Toyota 86? Just fitting the Italian powerplant in the little Japanese coupe seemed insane, but to consider driving such a blasphemous beast seemed honestly like a surefire sign of suicidal tendencies.

Tuerck calls his creation the GT4586. He can call it whatever he wants, so long as he doesn’t plow it into a barrier.

We finally get to see the GT4586 in action. Without a hood, because Tuerck apparently is still working on that little detail. As to be expected, it’s a pretty wild car.

To unleash this beast, Tuerck took is to Willow Springs International Raceway. As you can see below, he burns through tires like they’re nothing. Just watch the video and enjoy all the hard work Tuerck and his team put into the car.

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