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Takata Officially Files For Bankruptcy

(Credit: Honda)

Car Safety

Takata Officially Files For Bankruptcy

Surprising nobody paying attention, Takata recently filed for bankruptcy. The parts supplier has been caught up in numerous controversial airbag recalls, after some people were seriously injured or killed by exploding inflators. The scope of the recalls included vehicles from just about every major global automaker, and has rocked people’s confidence in safety technology.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Takata claims filing bankruptcy was the only way it could do the right thing, and keep replacing faulty airbag inflators. Other airbag manufacturers have come forward, saying they always knew Takata’s design was faulty, and even tried to warn automakers, but got nowhere. Hopefully the replacement inflators don’t have issues down the road.

This whole story has been like watching a slow-motion train wreck. To top it all off, Reuters reported that Takata issued a formal apology to everyone who was injured by faulty airbag inflators. After years of dodging responsibility, suddenly the company is showing a little bit of compassion, and that’s just odd. The fact that the apology comes after Mr. Takada didn’t mention any victims when he made the official bankruptcy announcement, and the company came under fire for that oversight, reveals Takata is still a mess on many levels.

And so goes the latest development in the largest automotive safety recall.

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