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Sentry Mode Will Keep Teslas Safe

(Credit: Tesla )

Car Safety

Sentry Mode Will Keep Teslas Safe

Have you ever returned to your car in a parking lot, only to find a huge dent, deep scratch, or a Justin Bieber autograph on it? That’s when you feel almost violated, and then there’s repairing the damage, which adds financial insult. Tesla CEO Elon Musk feels your pain and is working tirelessly on a solution (really, the guy doesn’t sleep much).

Tesla owner Andy Sutton took to Twitter and voiced his frustration with finding a “monster” dent in his car one morning. He asked why his car doesn’t have a 360 dash cam system. If you aren’t aware, the forward-facing camera on Teslas already works with Dash Cam, recording all kinds of nefarious activities like that jerk in the Bimmer who cut you off when coming out of the Starbucks drive through. Now, Sentry Mode will beef up the Dash Cam feature so wrongdoers are caught, no matter which direction they approach.

Coming with the Enhanced Autopilot update, according to Musk, Sentry Mode will work on all cars with Autopilot 2.0+ hardware. That means if you activate the feature, the next granny who hits your Tesla with a shopping cart at Trader Joe’s and then takes off without leaving a note will be caught red handed.

The real question everyone should be asking is why other automakers aren’t offering this?

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