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Tesla Owners Flock to Porsche

(Credit: Porsche)

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Tesla Owners Flock to Porsche

If you’re expecting to get a Porsche Taycan, the German automaker’s hot new electric car, be prepared to wait. Preorders have been excellent, meaning deliveries will stretch into 2020, and you can thank Tesla drivers for that.

In a recent interview, Porsche president and CEO for North America Klaus Zellmer mentioned the majority of pre-orders for the Taycan are from Tesla owners. That’s funny, considering Tesla drivers are often like those who do CrossFit: they can’t stop telling everyone why they should do it too.

While Teslas certainly are technologically advanced, they admittedly are lacking when it comes to interior refinements. You’re simply going to get more creature comforts with a Porsche, and when you’re spending around $100,000 or more, that’s an automatic expectation.

Even more impressive, Porsche claims the Taycan will charge faster than a Tesla, with enough juice to go 240 miles in under 15 minutes at a rapid charger.

Porsche has yet to reveal the final production version of the Taycan or disclose specifics on pricing or options. Regardless, people are super excited for the car, mirroring the kind of enthusiasm fans showed for Tesla releases.

With demand for electric cars rising suddenly, the Taycan could become Porsche’s new cash cow. It might also become Tesla’s worst nightmare, since it could steal sales from the American automaker.

Source: CNet 

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