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Lincoln is Pushing Prices Up

(Credit: Lincoln )

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Lincoln is Pushing Prices Up

Bad news if you’re planning to buy a Lincoln: prices are going up. For the longest time, the luxury brand has been the vehicle of choice for Uber drivers and car rental firms, but those days are over. Now that Lincoln has introduced real styling to its vehicles and won’t call every model an MK-something, you’re going to shell out more cash.

Per an Automotive News report, the first Lincoln to get a price hike is the Nautilus. Don’t be fooled, it’s really the MKX, but got a name change along with refreshed styling for the 2019 model year. To get a more stylish midsize SUV, you’re going to pay 3.2 percent more, or $41,335 MSRP, versus $40,030 for the 2018 Lincoln MKX.

A top-of-the-line Nautilus Black Label will set you back a steep $65,260. This is proof looking good does cost more, at least when it comes to cars.

Expect price increases to ripple through the brand. It’s similar to what happened with Volvo, something that still angers previous Volvo aficionados who’ve resigned themselves to driving a Subaru Outback. The big question is if Lincoln will see the kind of sales upswing Volvo has? Only time will tell.

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