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Tesla Model Y Rumors Firing Up

(Credit: Tesla )

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Tesla Model Y Rumors Firing Up

Tesla Model Y rumors have been floating around for some time. We all know the midsize electric crossover is coming next, so naturally people are curious about the project shrouded in secrecy. Thanks to some leaks, we know a little bit about what Tesla is planning.

We already know the Model Y will use the same platform as the Model 3. It seems all-wheel drive won’t be an option, but instead will come standard on each version of the crossover. That coupled with a starting price of somewhere between $35,000 and $40,000 should help guarantee this is an even bigger hit than the Model 3, upending the auto industry further.

Supposedly, the base model will have a range of 250 or more miles, which is excellent. Even more impressive is the claim the Model Y will be capable of Level 4 self-driving when it launches. That’s huge, because no car on the market today reaches Level 4. To do that, the Model Y will come with more cameras and possibly a radar system designed by Tesla.

If even some of these items turn out to be true, Tesla no doubt will have a runaway hit. Some analysts fully expect Model Y reservations to surpass one million.

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