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Nissan Goes Futuristic With Invisible Tech

(Credit: Nissan )

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Nissan Goes Futuristic With Invisible Tech

Nissan wants to help you “see the invisible” using a new tech it will unveil at the Consumer Electronics Show. Called Invisible-to-Visible or I2V, the Nissan Intelligent Mobility tech will be shown off in a 3-D immersion display.

Basically, you as the driver receive information from sensors mounted to the car, similar to what you get now with blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, etc. That’s combined with info from the cloud. As a result, you know what’s going on immediately around the car, plus what’s coming further down the road.

This has been talked about plenty before, but Nissan puts an interesting twist on everything: a human avatar communicates everything to you. Even weirder, your friends or family members can appear as 3-D augmented-reality avatars in your car while you’re in different locations.

Yes, the issue of driver distraction is an obvious one, but Nissan is pushing this tech as part of its Seamless Autonomous Mobility program. In other words, while the car is driving you, you’ll be conversing with holographic avatars of people who may or may not exist.

Nissan even has visions of using this tech to make a sunny day appear inside the vehicle, despite the fact you’re driving through a gloomy, rainy landscape. This is truly reality-bending tech with implications beyond vehicles.

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