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Tesla Slashes Prices

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Tesla Slashes Prices

If you thought not getting a Tesla by the end of the year and missing out on the federal tax credit meant you’d be losing out, the California automaker has decided to soften the blow. With a surprisingly successful sales year for 2018 under its belt, Tesla has decided to reduce the price of the Model 3, Model S, and Model X by $2,000.

Admittedly, that’s not very much for the Model S and Model X, which both can easily go for well over $100,000. Also, buyers still get a $3,750 in federal tax credits, despite rumors saying they’ve gone away completely for Teslas. Before, the tax credit was a healthy $7,500.

In six months, the federal tax credit for buying a Tesla shrinks to $1,875. Some are theorizing this will tank sales, but it’s doubtful that many people are buying Teslas just for the tax credit. Last year, the automaker delivered 245,240 vehicles to customers. Out of those, 145,846 were Model 3s, and there’s still a backlog of hundreds of thousands of orders for the car.

There’s no indication at the moment that Tesla sales will stall out. In fact, they’ve been trending up, so the California automaker looks to be making its way into the mainstream market after all.

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