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Cadillac Hikes the Price of the XT5 for 2019

(Credit: Cadillac )

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Cadillac Hikes the Price of the XT5 for 2019

Thanks to Cars Direct, we know Cadillac is planning to increase the price of the XT5 crossover for 2019. Dealer order guides reveal the bad news.

These leaked documents reveal that the 2019 Cadillac XT5 will have a starting MSRP of $42,690, including destination charges. That means for the base trim you’ll shell out an additional $1,100 compared to the 2018 model.

Getting the luxury trim for 2019 will come with a $1,900 price increase. Even better, the XT5 Platinum goes up by $2,500. That means you’ll need to fork over $66,890 MSRP.

Not everyone is going to freak out about the price increase, but some people actually get that paying more without getting much for it isn’t a good deal. About the only thing added to the crossover is more electronic safety nannies, which some people actually like, but in my experience work sporadically and do a mediocre job.

Cadillac has gone through a number of struggles lately. The old CEO is out, a new CEO is in, and people speculate that the forces of the “Old GM” are still at play. The brand isn’t competing with the Germans or Lexus, has been too dedicated to cars when SUVs are hot, and now is increasing prices for one of its precious few crossovers.

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