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Porsche Cayennes Recalled For Diesel Cheat Device

(Credit: © Porsche)

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Porsche Cayennes Recalled For Diesel Cheat Device

That movie, the Never Ending Story, could apply to Dieselgate. Just when you think the whole drama is over, something new pops up. This time it’s Porsche being forced to recall a bunch of diesel-powered Cayennes.

German authorities are forcing the boys in Stuttgart to recall 22,000 of the luxury SUVs. The reason is, according to the Financial Times, that they have a cheat device. For good measure, none of the recalled Porsches can be registered until they’re fixed. Porsche better get on that.

This is all unfolding as German investigators dig into the possibility that Porsche and other domestic automakers formed an illegal cartel in the country. Supposedly, they colluded on everything from parts prices to technology. They might have even developed diesel cheat devices together.

No real details of the defeat devices are out there. Apparently, they worked only when a vehicle was in a lab being tested for emissions. On the road, the defeat devices did nothing. That sounds familiar, almost like something Volkswagen did and got busted big time for.

So Dieselgate is like a zombie that won’t stay dead. Don’t worry, it’ll keep popping up years and years from now.

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