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Nissan and Infiniti Drop Plans to Build the Q50 Eau Rouge and Others

(Credit: Infiniti )

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Nissan and Infiniti Drop Plans to Build the Q50 Eau Rouge and Others

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Concept

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Concept (Credit: Infiniti )

The past few years have been extremely exciting for Nissan and its luxury arm, Infiniti. The two lineups were launching insane concept cars that were being touted as future production models by executives. Unfortunately, times have changed, and the two executives in question, Johan de Nysschen and Andy Palmer, are no longer with their respective companies. Now, a report from Automotive News claims that these wild concept cars have been shelved.

The flamboyant de Nysschen was never shy about talking deeply on the subject of his pet project, the Q50 Eau rouge – a GT-R-powered luxury sedan that drew inspiration from F1 racing. He even went so far as to give it a price range and a production volume. Palmer, on the other hand, was equally eager to talk about the Datsun 510-inspired IDx Concept and the BladeGlider Concept, as he touted both as having production futures in the near term.

Nissan IDx NISMO Concept

Nissan IDx NISMO Concept (Credit: © Nissan)

Now with de Nysschen and Palmer heading up Cadillac and Aston Martin, respectively, Automotive News is reporting that all three of the aforementioned concepts have be put on ice in favor of more volume-selling cars. Auto News is basing its claim on the fact that Infiniti and Nissan executives had no talking points regarding any of these cars at the recently ended Detroit Auto Show.

While that may seem like a rather quick assumption by Auto News, the change in tone is rather dramatic. Just one year ago, pretty much every other word out of the mouths of Infiniti and Nissan reps had something to do with the IDx or Q50 Eau Rouge, and now there is almost complete silence regarding both.

While it’s sad to hear that all three cars – the IDx, BladeGlider, and Q50 Eau Rouge – are all likely dead, I can understand the move. Infiniti is in no position to start experimenting with true super-sedans yet, and Nissan really has no immediate need for an entry-level sports car below the existing 370Z. The latter is particularly true given the recent rumors that the Z may expand to include cheaper and less powerful versions in the future.

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