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Mitsubishi Plans New Sedan Models

(Credit: Mitsubishi )

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Mitsubishi Plans New Sedan Models

2015 Mitsubishi Lancer

2015 Mitsubishi Lancer (Credit: Mitsubishi )

Mitsubishi is looking to shake things up, or in other words release a new product that isn’t another derivation of the Outlander. This time, the Japanese automaker is looking to actually launch some new sedan models. Before you get your hopes up, this does not mean that the Lancer Evo is coming back. Sorry.

News of Mitsubishi’s plans were revealed first by WardsAuto through an interview with Don Swearingen, who is the executive vice president of Mitsubishi Motors North America. The first new sedan will probably be a sedan version of the Mirage, a car that has been lambasted as being a killer of all driving joy. That means consumers will enjoy less cargo space and a subpar experience, all in one interesting-looking package. Other markets have already had the privilege of enduring the car, which is called either the Mirage G4 or Attrage.

More exciting news is that Mitsubishi is looking to replace the Lancer. That’s good news, considering that the current design is woefully outdated. It’s possible that the new model could come about through a collaborative effort with another automaker, something Mitsubishi is well-versed in from the past. Perhaps Fiat Chrysler will be interested?

According to the report from WardsAuto, Mitsubishi is thinking of a specific dance partner for developing the Lancer replacement, but isn’t saying who it is. A deal already fell apart with Renault, but the rumor is that Nissan is the next target. Even if the other party isn’t warm to the idea, the powers in Japan apparently are willing to strike out on their own, because the Lancer has sold so well in the past.

If things go smoothly, a new Lancer will hit the market in about two years. If Mitsubishi hits another snag, it could be about three years. The last time the Lancer was redesigned was for the 2008 model year, which is a real problem.

Not only is the Evo really, truly dead, so is any chance of the Galant making a comeback. Apparently, math is standing in the way of making such a venture profitable.

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