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Miles Wants to Reward You For Driving

(Credit: Porsche )

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Miles Wants to Reward You For Driving

Miles takes a simple wish and makes it a reality: What if you earned rewards for everywhere you went, no matter how you travel?

Sounds too good to be true? Consider this: Porsche Digital has invested in this Silicon Valley startup, which has now been around three years, adding serious legitimacy to its existence.

Automakers have been talking about how to break into last mile transportation. While some have invested in specific solutions, this app is helping Porsche to support those efforts in all of their forms.

To monitor your mileage traveled, the Miles app needs to be installed on your smartphone and have permission to track your location at all times. How you get around affects the amount of rewards earned, with more sustainable modes of transportation racking up the rewards miles faster. That means you earn more by taking an Uber somewhere versus driving your car, and even more if you bike or walk. An AI can tell the difference between different modes of transportation.

With the reward miles, you can trade them in for all kinds of things like gift cards to Amazon or Starbucks, a complimentary Silvercar rental, etc. You can save up rewards miles or keep cashing them in regularly.

Of course, people will be concerned about privacy. What’s great is Miles doesn’t have access to specific location info for any users, and neither do its partners. When you travel, how, and what deals you redeem are tracked, allowing the app to match you up with the best deals in the future.

You can download the Miles app from its website, the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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